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Signs for the lost and clueless

by Jonathan Care

[INTRO] [VERSE] When you’re lost at the side of the road At the end of the day, no place to call home Your bed is the street,and you’re tired Bones are cold, your soul aches, Need a friend, by your side [CHORUS] Signs for the lost and clueless Be ready today, Find your direction Be on your way Wanting to search for The road that you found Wondering how, You’ll get around [INSTRU] [VERSE] So pick up your feet, And get on their way, It's time to complete your journey now Let's find out the destination Take the prize With your friends by your side Lets find the prize And the crown, And turn your frown upside down [CHORUS] [OUTRO]
Woman 03:24
Woman, won't you lay down next to me. I see you in the fields, you been working far too long. Woman, won't you let your mind run free. I see in your eyes, you've been lonely for while Sometimes, I wonder if you hear, And sometimes, I wonder what you fear? Woman, lets not wait to make our lives anew I've ready for the adventure that starts with me and you Women , clear the darkness from my soul I've lived a million lifetimes, and this one's best of all Together, let's dance on the road of life, Together, let's laugh at all the strife, Woman, you see into my soul You heal my sorrow, and your smile just makes me whole. Woman, come drink wine under the cherry tree, You bring warmth and laughter, and I'll bring the Brie Woman, you feed the hunger in my heart, I see the summer haze, and we'll never be apart, Woman, now we're in each other's heart, Life is beautiful, and you're my work of art
[INTRO] [VERSE] When there’s nowhere left to run, You, you were always on my mind When my secrets cannot hide, You’re the one I’ve been waiting for [CHORUS] You were always on my mind, You’re, you’re the one I’ve been dreaming of, You! You’re forever in my heart And you, you’re the soul I’m needing most (oh-whoa..) [VERSE] When the rainclouds start to form You’re my shelter from the storm When I need some love and care You’re the one that’s always there [CHORUS] [INSTRU] [CHORUS] [CHORUS REPEAT]
[VERSE] The time is coming, and its fast upon you You wanna take drugs, or you’re needing to chew, You ache for the tingle of the blade on your skin, To make yourself sick, and purge all your sin [CHORUS] The fork in the road is sooner than you think, Maybe its candy, and maybe its drink. It’ll creep unexpectedly, and blow in your hair, The fork in the road, it’s waiting for you there! [VERSE] Sometimes you’re driving, and feeling you’re free. Just watch out your speed, don’t overtake me The fork in the road will be right on your tail, The child out in front of you, police sirens wail [CHORUS] [VERSE] You can try all the ways to escape from your fork, You can pray to the priest, or swear like a dork, You can drown in new lovers, or throw out a fist,, But that fork in the road, you make it exist It’s coming…. [INSTRUMENTAL] [VERSE] Once you’ve taken that fork, it’s too late to try, You might take a trip, and you know you might die You’ve given the keys to your lunatic fringe, So prepare yourself, and don’t be unhinged [CHORUS] So plant all the flags, and find your bright star, This pain that you’re feeling, it’s not who you are You’re not lost forever, you’re no tainted soul, The power within you, to make yourself whole [CHORUS] {INSTRU-OUTRO]
[INSTRU/INTRO] [VERSE] In the dark, of the night, And in the depths of winter’s plight There’s no rain or snow outside, But there’s no warmth inside of me My heart’s so dry and cold Today, my eyes are feeling old, Memories of parisian streets At midnight, walking wild and free [CHORUS] And I, still hear your name The memories, so bittersweet are still the same Walking through the city streets Our faces slick with rain Your name still echoes, the bliss is mixed with drops of pain [VERSE] We let our demons draw our our blood, And reign them in, well we knew we should, But pride and fear, they ruled our lives, And jealousy cuts, sharp as knives And in the last disaster’s call, Our loneliness made fools of us all, And still I wonder late at night, what might have happened If we’d just learned not to fight. [CHORUS] [INSTRU] [CHORUS] [INSTRU/OUTRO]
Just Love 03:28
[INTRO/CHORUS] Just Love…. Just Love…. [VERSE] Hand in hand, on that golden boulevard, Ain’t nothing to stop you, life’s handed you that winning card See the streets are sparkling wet from summer rain Head over heels excited, and here we go again [PREHOOK] And then you look into her eyes, And see the smile that lifts your heart, [CHORUS] No way to predict it happening, Don’t need to be melodramatic, It’s all around us darlin’ To deny it would be tragic Let go and release your feelings© And put your arms around me My heart has done its healing And now its time to start my..


Signs for the lost and clueless is a short album about love. Joy, Sadness, Waiting, obsession, completeless, and so many of the emotions that encompass love.


released July 24, 2021


all rights reserved



Jonathan Care Crowthorne, UK

Jonathan Care is an independent composer and songwriter and produces tracks for film/TV productions as well as streaming works. His ambition is to cook italian food for Chris Rea.

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